Friday, March 26, 2010


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Hello, many Tattoo Artists and people interested in getting Tattoos have been searching the web for royalty free Tattoos. Well, I have launched a new Tattoo Website with many Tattoos. Perhaps you're looking for Tattoos for your lower back or looking for Printable Tattoos that you can take to your Tattoo Artist. My Tattoos are high quality and Printable. I have several designs including an Anchor Tattoo, a Cherry Bomb Tattoo, a Cupid Tattoo, a Devil Tattoo, a Dragonfly Tattoo, an Eight Ball Tattoo, Dice Tattoo, a Flying Eyeball Tattoo, a Rockabilly Guitar Tattoo, Sexy Lips Tattoo, a Lucky 13 Tattoo, a Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo, a Rose Tattoo, a "Mom" Tattoo, a Heart Tattoo, a Pin Up Girl Tattoo, a Skull Tattoo, a Spider Tattoo and a Spider Web Tattoo, a Star Tattoo, a Swallow Tatoo, a Switchblade Tattoo, a Wolf Tattoo and many more Tattoos!

I've been designing Tattoos for several years and I love what I do! I would like to design more Tribal Tattoos in the future and if I do, I will be adding those designs to my collection. I would also like to design a Butterfly Tattoo or several Butterfly Tattoos and add those designs to my Tattoo Website as well.

I sell my Royalty Free Tattoos from my website and ask only that instead of just printing out the designs for your Tattoo Artist, that you kindly buy the Tattoo Design of your choice and also tell your Tattoo Artist where you found the design. Word of mouth advertising is basically the only Free advertising I get! Your purchase will help me to feed my family (and my pets ;) too! I literrally have hundreds of hours invested in drawing my Tattoos and I would be very appreciative if you would buy the design rather than just print it out. Thank you!

I'd appreciate any suggestions on new Tattoos or if you'd like a Custom Tattoo designed, please feel free to contact me at

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